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Word on the Street

"It has a terrific sense of style, with slick motion comic panels that move the story forward, simple but beautiful noir visuals, and an absolutely fantastic soundtrack."

The Verge

"The beautiful art, a sultry musical score plucked from a jazz orchestra that could have been conducted by Nelson Riddle, and the design package is vintage, 1940s noir at its finest."

The Washington Post

"The bottom line. Third Eye Crime serves up a masterful blend of stealth puzzling and noir-inspired storytelling, with misdirection cleverly applied on both counts. [5/5 Stars]"


"The perfect companion for a rainy day and a glass of bourbon."

Enemy Slime

"Refreshingly, indie studio Moonshot Games places the same emphasis on character traits that it does on puzzles...It helps Third Eye Crime flip the script on lighthearted mobile puzzle games."

LA Times

"When writing a review, I always try to find something that the studio could have improved - after all, a studio can't improve upon perfection. However, one of my main gripes with Third Eye Crime is that it made this extremely difficult."

Indie Game Mag

"It's the can't miss pick of the week."


"Ingenious concept."


"The game looks like a Dick Tracy Sunday strip in motion."

Pocket Tactics


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